Why the world needs more of Ayurveda, explained with 8 genuine reasons-

Mental and Physical benefits of Ayurveda

A world where all family members, from a toddler to a senior citizen, are equipped with allopathic medicines, which we know are harmful, made us think of bringing light to our forgotten cure- Ayurveda. 

The following reasons make Ayurveda the mother of all medicines -

  1. Stress-a-bye

As a natural way to deal with stress and anxiety, Ayurveda has been proven to be effective. As we live a fast-paced life that is filled with unhealthy habits, Ayurveda plays a vital role in helping to maintain our well being and make us aware of our unhealthy habits. A Satvik diet and regular practice of Yoga help us to remain alert, healthy, and focused in stressful situations.

2.Traditional way of Curing diseases-

Traditionally, Panchgavya is defined as a mixture of five cow products – Milk, Ghee, Curd, Cow Urine, and Cow Dung. Adopting a cow will allow you to experience unadulterated Panchgavya firsthand. You’ll receive everything in its purest form!

3. Cleanse the Body-

Detox- the new big trend. A healthy diet, lifestyle, and intermittent fasting can help you reduce unwanted toxins from your body. Step-by-step, the process is gradual and rewarding. The atmosphere and polluted levels in our world are unhealthy, and we are surrounded by high levels of pollutants. Having an Ayurvedic plan can help your body to flush out toxins, and ultimately help you to keep your mind calm.

4. Healing Vitality problems:

Sexual Vitality is a topic that we are rather reluctant to discuss. There is a drop in human vitality, reason being- unhealthy habits. The good news is that Ayurveda has you covered here as well. The ayurvedic herbs and herbs that are used for vigour and vitality are the most natural way of increasing strength and stamina. Supplements are also available in tablet and powder forms to help boost stamina and energy levels.

5. Reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes-

We all know someone with a box full of medicines for Sugar, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol. While these diseases have become normalized with time, they should not be taken for granted. Essentially, Ayurveda addresses the root cause of such illnesses. A few ingredients which play an important role in the medicinal process include shilajit, turmeric, and neem.

6. Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair-

Everybody wants to have glowing skin and voluminous hair. You can achieve great skin and hair by combining yoga asanas with ayurvedic intakes. Several Ayurvedic treatments are proven to help hair and skin problems. Doesn’t that make Ayurveda a pretty good all-rounder?

7. No Side effects-

Despite the fact that ayurvedic medicine has no actual side effects, it is vital that one consults an Ayurvedic expert before consuming any medicines. A comprehensive understanding of the treatment is essential to its success.

8. Boosts Immunity-

Ayurveda is a drugless therapy and a natural remedy to enhance immunity and your ability to fight diseases. The concept of Vyadhi Kshamatwa is the ability of the immune system to fight against the disease-causing pathogens, purely denoting the function of our immune system and recovery after coming in contact with pathogenic organisms.

Although Ayurveda has always been the most natural and authentic method of healing lifestyle problems, the ease of allopathic treatments and instant results have made us forget the original roots. There are medicines all around us, at our homes too. We can start with tulsi, turmeric, or even neem, but at the slightest sign of illness, we want allopathic medications.

What we strive for is a natural, healthy lifestyle. Ayurvedic medicines & yoga have been proven methods of dealing with both mental & physical problems. The world would be a healthier place if we encouraged ayurveda alongside other drugs and chemicalised medicines.