Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

FarmStation as a community

We don’t do anything different, we do everything differently. We run FarmStation as a community and programs based on an experimental and experiential learning approach.
Having worked with various farmers groups for the past many years we find the approach to the very effective.
Ours is a learning by doing process and we believe that there is not only one way of doing things. Through we believe in experts at the same time also believe believe in learning together more by sharing our collective experiences, new developments can occur by opening the door for further exploration. “Mistake” happens but they are simply opportunities for more knowledge. At farmstation we spend more time working and experimenting with technique, ideas and innovations.

Learning is a process and we are doing it continually every day.

Taking wisdom and knowledge from one and all is true development and experimenting ourselves is to create improvement.
With you we will share our knowledge and experiences, to develop new knowledge by experimenting together.
To gain confidence we feed that the skills we are learning be put to practical use by doing things ourselves with our own hand.
We invite and urge you to join us and be open in accepting teaching techniques which may differ from what you are used to.

Our Vision

We aim to increase the benefits of Organic farming in our community so that we can eat healthy, natural foods. We strive to preserve biodiversity and create a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Mission

Increasingly, unhealthy lifestyle choices are leading to anxiety, which we will attempt to address by raising awareness about how healthy food habits can lead to a sense of peace. We aim to bring humans closer to mother Earth and instil eco-logical habits. As part of our philosophy of ‘Going Back To Basics’, we encourage people to consume healthy foods and live in harmony with nature.