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The concept of Farmstation was a journey started by Surya Pujari (Founder) 10 years ago 2012. Farmstation as a startup was established in 2020 after Vivek Chaudhari (Co-founder) joined the company.
Surya Pujari is a hard-core marketing professional who for the last 10 years has been into the promotion and marketing of Ayurveda medicines and organic fertilizers. While marketing organic fertilizers he had the good fortune to propagate the values of organic farming to scores of farmers throughout Maharashtra.
The ill effects of chemical farming and the deteriorating conditions of the soil touched his heart. That’s when he decided of work for the change in the in the farmers attitude and the idea of Farmstation was born.
Vivek Chaudhari has a degree in Engineering but being from a family of farmers is more passionate to work on ground with farmers.
Together they aspire to share their experiences and knowledge of organic farming techniques and provide people to re-invent their choice of farming and convert them to the traditional ways.
At the same time Farmstation was passionate to make the urban people re think their food choices and intended to provide them with best quality food cultivated organically and with more sustainability.
This they made it possible with a direct handshake of the farmers and the urban consumers.
Out of this Urban Rural Connect Farmstation was born.

Empowering our Farmers

The urban-rural connect will be a great combo which will make our farmers feel being wanted, cared for and supported. This will enable urban people to drive more towards reverse migration to rural areas and give an opportunity to the rural people to get to know more about technology and exposure to modern farming techniques. This will boost the farmer’s confidence and with the help of urban people, rural farmers can have more access to direct urban markets e.g. residential premises, hotels, F & V vendors etc.
Thus, along with having a family doctor, we have a family farmer.

Where is FarmStation?

Our first two project are coming up in Markal and Koyali Village which are less than 30kms from Pune, and 13kms from the temple town of Alandi.
Spread over 5 acres of farmland it is adjoined by hills and forest land and surrounded by thousands of acres of farmland. The farms are a green escape from the noise pollution and madness of city life. It is nurtured completely in continuation with the natural terrain.

We are home to a our own Gaushala housing more than 100 desi cows and also to forest land where medicinal plants can be cultivated.
We will be working out ways to attract maximum species of birds, butterflies and honey bees.
We will encourage our club members to grow maximum trees in common spaces.
Decent overnight service accommodation facilities will be worked out with local residents at a very reasonable cost.
Tent accommodation or earthen mud houses with local construction material will be allowed in your farm plots as per local law specifications, along with we will provide decent attached toilet and washroom facilities.