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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
- said Hippocrates over 3000 year ago.
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Farmstation is all of life, ease joy and glory.
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What is Farmstation?

“Farmstation is all of life, ease, joy and glory.”
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
– said Hippocrates over 3000 years ago.

What he said then was never more relevant than today. Farmstation is making this quote a reality by aligning itself on a mission to provide fresh, safe, chemical free raw vegetables and fruits directly grown by you in farms cultivated by Farmstation.

The first step towards this reality will be a co-working farm subscription initiative to community farms for those urbanites looking for reverse migration and/or an opportunity to work with soil and with farmers for good health and holistic living.

Farmstation has grown into this mission through continued efforts in promoting the use of 100% organic fertilizers and residue free methods of farming, propagating seed saving and the usage of farm made non hybrid seeds.
Keeping our mission, vision and values in mind Farmstation promises to give you the best holistic living and food experience for the rest of your stay on the planet.


Keeping in mind the fast deteriorating urban life conditions and the ever increasing physical disorder and mental ill effects on urban citizens due to all sorts of environmental pollutions especially, food pollution. Farmstation came up with the idea of weekend farming to minimize these ill effects and to enable people to connect themselves with the roots where they actually belong and treat themselves to an organic lifestyle and organic food cultivated in your own farm with the sweat of your own brow, your own efforts and with your own hands.

How it works?

To be a weekend farmer club member Farmstation offers on subscription a farm plot big enough to grow any number of variety crops you like. To learn organic farming skills and techniques, become a weekend farmer and be part of the happy weekend farmers club.

Don’t worry about not knowing anything about farming, it doesn’t matter. Once you decide to take the plunge, we take care of the rest. Right from getting you a fertile plot on subscription, provide you infrastructure, all growing inputs, support and organizing training programs by progressive farmers and highly qualified agri consultants.

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