Contract Farming

Contract farming

In many villages across in India, especially villages which are near to Metro cities a lot of Agriculture land is lying unused, since the farmers who own this land are either occupied somewhere else or have migrated to cities for better prospects.

Farmstation has identified such farmers in their place of operation at Markal and Koyali villages near to Pune who are willing to offer their farmland to those prospects who are willing to take the offer for farming or farm related purposes.

Farmstation is willing to facilitate such proposals which enable the farmers to get most value out of his space which otherwise remains unused for years together.

Contact us if you are looking for support for such proposals in the Agri Sector.

We can get you direct access to such farmers.

Give you complete consultation on layout planning, how to get the best commercial output from the farming activities conducted in the space.

Provide you with all the inputs required to make your venture profitable and scalable.
This will also help the region to create a lot of job opportunities for the locals.While focussing on improving the quality of soil through natural methods we will also offer technical expertise for you to reap the benefits in the long term.