Adopt a Cow

Adopt A COw

“Gaumata”, as we fondly refer to cows, reflects our adoration, respect, and esteem for cows. Despite worshipping Indian cows as Gods, it has now been determined that desi cows in India are now threatened with extinction. Yes, our very own Indian cows have been replaced by foreign types. 

FarmStation is committed to preserving desi cows, protecting them at all costs and enjoining people to do the same. Cows have always been human companions, not only for the dairy products we consume but also because they are great stress-busters. 

To ensure that our upcoming generations do not miss their share in savouring the benefits of having Indian desi cows, FarmStation developed a plan for a 'Cow Adoption Programme', so that you can also contribute your share to protecting our cows.

All you need to do is buy a cow & FarmStation will take care of it for you. You don’t need to shelter a cow to own one. To take care of the cows, we have a well-equipped Gaushala and expert guidance. It is our duty to feed, nourish, and care for the cows. They yield a wide variety of dairy products you can savour.

Our sacred animal needs our protection, so let’s band together to preserve our Gaumata and promote better dairy consumption to generations to come.