Pluck & Eat

Pluck & Eat

Come visit our pluck and eat dining space.

The unique concept of our dinning space is that you get to at whatever is grown in grow areas that are adjoining to the dining space. This project is a new way that enables customers to pluck, cook and eat naturally grown organic food grown in our own gardens. When we say cook, you have the choice to be in the cooking arena to offer a helping hand to our very own traditional home style cooking masters.

The option is yours. Food tastes better when you harvest it yourself.

Here we offer multiple cuisine that include the local and the exotic varieties and also the ones to satisfy the taste buds of the Jains and the Vegans.

All ingredients used are grown in our own grow areas or sourced from local organic farmers. Our food is made from specialized oil churned by the ancient Indian methods of using wooden churner (Kaccha Ghani), driven by bullocks. The ghee and butter milk used in our food preparation is from the milk (A2 milk) of pure Indian breed cows, it is prepared in the traditional bilona process. The vessels used in the preparations are made from local clay (by handmade pottery), the vessels are non-toxins and are of metals used in ancient times and cooked in the traditional way by using firewood’s and cooked on specialized mud Tandoors. Foods is served on banana leaves and naturally made cups from dried leafs.

Enjoy unlimited sumptuous wholesome home style cook pure, organic, freshly harvested vegetarian meals with us.

You will simply love it.