Our Offerings

Our Offerings

Rent a Farm

Farmstation offers a wide range of services and subscription models which includes a reasonably long and renewable grow area to members, where F&V’s grown organically will exclusively be delivered to the said members once every week.

Pluck & Eat

The unique concept of our dinning space is that you get to at whatever is grown in grow areas that are adjoining to the dining space. This project is a new way that enables customers to pluck, cook and eat natural organic food.

Dinning Space

Farmstation has grown into this mission through continued efforts in promoting 100% organic fertilizers, residue-free methods of farming, propagating seed saving and the usage of farm-made nonhybrid seeds.

Bee Keeping

Bee keeping is major activity whose importance is being neglected by farmers. As the sheen and commercial advantages of the usage of chemical fertilizers by farmers is dwindling.

Cow Diginity

Cows need to be protected for humans to survive. Unfortunately the introduction and the large scale use of the Jersey and Houston breed of cows in India has not only impacted humans with unwanted and unwarranted disorder.

Contract Farming

In many villages across in India, especially villages which are near to Metro cities a lot of Agriculture land is lying unused, since the farmers who own this land are either occupied somewhere else or have migrated to cities for better prospects.