Eco Tents

Eco Tents

Sleep in the lap of Mother Earth on the mud beds in our 100% naturally and organically constructed Eco Tents. Adding to your comforts and a desire for a healthier living environment you will be provided with one of the softest and all-natural (and often organic) pure sheep wool blankets, that’s absolutely chemical free to wrap yourself up in. Once you try it, you may never want to go back. The unique, first and one of it’s kind concept is the brainchild of FarmStation. It is more for nature lovers and campers who would like to experience camping in a fixed location with an unlimited natural scenic view. It is also for those who want to be close to nature whilst still enjoying the benefits and convenience of a more natural, organic and holistic way of living.

How are Farmstation Eco Tents different.

The concept of FarmStation Eco Tents, unlike the camping and glamping tents are built on a fixed and unmovable platform of 7 ft. X 7 ft. which is made of locally sourced natural mud.
The roofs of our Eco Tents are built from natural materials such as bamboo, straws, cane mats and other locally sourced natural material.
It is 100% waterproof and has all types of weather resistance abilities. The mud platform of our Eco Tents with the sheep wool blankets to cover yourself gives you the earth magnetism in all its totality, directly helping the blood circulation and
respiratory function, in a much better way.
We also provide you with a bed outside the tent, giving you an option to sleep under a blanket of stars and wake up to a sun kissed sky.

Food provided by FarmStation is strictly VEGETARIAN.

All food is organically grown in our own farms at FarmStation. At times, If need arises
we outsource fruits and vegetables from nearby organic farmers. At our farms you have
the option to pluck your own vegetables, which we will be more than happy to cook for
you in vessels made of mud and cooked on tandoor, using non refined oil and desi cows
A2 Ghee.
Whether you’re looking for an outdoorsy adventure which is rugged or want to
indulge in a romantic outing, our naturally top tented Eco Tents with all its simplicity are
Better than the Best.