Earth Homes

Our earth home will used to be felt to believe it’s effect on human made entirely from local natural and eco friendly sustainable materials, it will be with little embodied energy and salvaged materials will be used to make the earth homes . The material used for making the earth homes will be local clay, sundried mud bricks, traw, strawbale, cob, bamboo, stone and second hand /salvaged material. We have access to the walls will be plastered with vedic plaster made with the mixture of mud and the cowdunk of the Indian breed holy cow also called Gaumata in India. No other animal all over the world is addressed as holy or Mata. Natural building techniques are ancient and time tested and have housed much of the population of the world and have housed much of the population of the world and have been a part an parcel of Indian villages till recently. We use these techniques wit experiments and innovations.

The bed and sitting ares at FarmStation earth homes will be made entirely of mud, through these innovative systems of our earth homes. We ensure that the earth’s magnetism reaches every part of the respiratory and circulation system of our patrous naturally.

While at earth house you will appropriate the virtues of our adobe cottages. They’re cool in daytime and warm at night. Even better, they’re built almost entirely of natural materials, ad if you build then yourself, can be constructed at a very low cost.
To those interested we will teach you all it takes to create a beautiful house made out of mud, from foundations to orientation, roofs to wall structures, any takers.