Cow Dignity

Cow Dignity

The Indian breed (Desi) cow is the willing care taker of humanity and for the farmer it’s worth the value in gold.

The message given by Shree Krishna is more relevant today….”

“Humans need cows more than cows need humans”

Cows need to be protected for humans to survive.

Unfortunately the introduction and the large scale use of the Jersey and Houston breed of cows in India has not only impacted humans with unwanted and unwarranted disorder, but has relegated our very own desi cows to the background.

Cow Dignity

This is a dangerous trend for the future of human kind. The realization of which is fortunately dawning on human beings, not only from India but across the world. Western and North American countries like France and Brazil are breeding Indian Desi cows on a very large scale. New Zealand has reported large scale diabetes issues in children, the cause for which, when researched was found to be due to the milk of the Jersey & Houston Cows.

Farmstation has taken upon itself to propagate the importance and the utility of the Indian Desi Cows, especially amongst farmers to make the farmers realise the commercial value and the utility of the Desi Cows and also to train and help the farmers as to how this revenue can be obtained by them.

Farmstation has also worked out a model, where in a person who wishes to breed a Indian desi cow, but doesn’t have space or time to do so, can adopt a cow the caretaking of which will be done by Farmstation.

For the benefit of children and those interested in knowing more about Indian desi cows, Farmstation is having its own Gaushala. Here people will be allowed to practise cow cuddling which is beneficial for curing a lot of disorders in human beings.
All utility products from Indian desi cows including Panchgavya will be available at Farmstation.
Gaushala Tourism is going to be a major activity and attraction at Farmstation.