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Adopt A COw

You don’t have to shelter a Cow to adopt it, know how-

Although we all know about dog adoption centers and cat adoption centres, I bet you’re not familiar with cow adoption centers – Wait! You don’t have to actually shelter them in your house. Here’s what I mean:

We at FarmStation love and care for cows, especially desi Indian cows. The ability of cows to benefit humankind has been demonstrated time and time again, and we must protect and preserve them. FarmStation is dedicated towards preserving desi Indian cows.

Here are five reasons why adopting a cow is a great idea:

  1. Cows make wonderful friends-

No offense, but cows are just like dogs in that they are loyal and have a strong bond with humans, they make great buddies as well! 

2. Panchgavya – the Mother of all Medicines!

Traditionally, Panchgavya is defined as a mixture of five cow products – Milk, Ghee, Curd, Cow Urine, and Cow Dung. Adopting a cow will allow you to experience unadulterated Panchgavya firsthand. You’ll receive everything in its purest form!

3. Cows play an Integral part of our lives –

They should be protected at all costs, whether it’s for agriculture, transportation of goods, or providing us with proven methods to cope with stress. They are essential to our existence.

4. The superiority of cow dung and cow urine –

Besides being used as a manure for organic farming, dung from cows is used to produce biogas and for fuel. Among the best medicinal properties of cow urine is its use in Ayurvedic medicines. 

From the caress of their body and to their dung and urine, cows are so beneficial to mankind.

5. Mental therapy with cows –

‘Cow cuddling’, or ‘Cow-minication’ as it is known in some countries, is the latest Wellness trend. Cow’s warm body temperature, slower heartbeats and colossal body make a hugging experience more relaxing, and guess what? Indians were very aware of this. Cows are known as ‘Gaumata’ in India because of their warm embrace which makes all your troubles fade away. Humans, by cuddling with cows, are believed to boost oxytocin levels, the hormone associated with social bonding and wellbeing.

Owning a cow to relieve stress? Yes, please!

6. They are (a little) too affectionate-

Animals, like humans, have mood swings, as well as friends that they love most. They are highly intelligent and follow their masters without fail. They provide warmth and affection, which is the reason why they are said to be stress-busters.

Adoption is frictionless, all you need to do is buy the cow (adopt it) and bear the expenses of it’s well-being. Taking care of the cows and providing proper nutrition is our sole responsibility. 

Likewise, you can enjoy the health benefits of cow’s byproducts in their purest form.

Your only limitation will be not being able to feed the cows as we have an organised and scientific method to do so, anything out of the ordinary might actually upset them 🙂

India has always revered cows, and let’s protect our cows so that we can continue to worship them physically. Embracing cows is one step towards a sustainable ecosystem.